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Blockchain is overrated

Why is it time to give it a rest?

Blockchain is getting a lot of attention these days, but it’s overrated. Many people consider blockchain to be the future of technology, but in truth, it is just another technological tool in the toolbox. It can be beneficial to take a step back and appreciate what it truly is: a technology that makes transactions secure and simple to carry out.

The Blockchain is not a Blockchain

A computerized ledger called the Blockchain keeps track of transactions made between users, miners, and the network. Bitcoin and other digital currencies are secured via the blockchain, which is also used to regulate the production of new currency units.

The Blockchain is Not a Technology

Blockchain technology is not novel or revolutionary. Instead, it is built on the same notion as earlier technologies such as email andinaudit (the first electronic mail), facsimile (faxing), and water pipelines. The blockchain platform functions as a distributed database, allowing for secure, simple, and transparent transactions.

The Blockchain is Not a New Idea

The blockchain does not exist in a vacuum; it has been adapted from other technologies, such as email and facsimile, to aid in the development of Bitcoin’s financial system. Indeed, many experts feel that the blockchain may be utilised to build more efficient global networks than present ones can.

Why the Blockchain is Overrated

The blockchain is frequently utilised as a secure and tamper-proof digital log of transactions. Transactions are confirmed by network nodes using encryption and stored in a blockchain, which is a public distributed ledger. The blockchain may be used to produce an immutable record of any transaction, including payments between financial math experts.

Its false claims

Some individuals wrongly assume that the blockchain is the sole safe and error-free mechanism to conduct transactions. However, the blockchain may also be used for other applications such as worldwide monitoring of products or services, organising crowdfunding campaigns, or confirming the legitimacy of papers. 

After years of study and development by developers and specialists in this industry, the misleading notion that the blockchain is entirely responsible for safe transactions is no longer accurate.

Its overvalued

Bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed in recent months, reaching new highs even as rival cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity and affordability.

This increase in demand may be due to factors such as expectations being too high given Bitcoin’s scarcity and value in comparison to other assets, but it also bears examination.

Bitcoin’s price may be inflated because it is based on unsupported fundamentals such as its potential for future growth rather than actual market value.

To have actual worth, anything must follow certain criteria that go beyond arithmetic concerns (as with many things). If these ideas fail to stand up, as they increasingly appear to, Bitcoin may no longer be worth your money.

How to Overcome the Defences Against Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has numerous potential benefits, but it also has significant weaknesses that may be readily addressed.

To begin with, blockchain technology is safe and tamper-proof, which means that no one or anything can edit or erase information without suffering a loss. 

This makes it an appropriate platform for digital transactions and sensitive data exchanges. Furthermore, blockchain technology is transparent, so everyone involved in the process is aware of what is going on.

Finally, blockchain technology does not rely on third parties to complete transactions; instead, it employs electronic signatures to validate the authenticity of each document.

Security and transparency are two major reasons why blockchain technology is increasingly being utilised to replace traditional ways of communication and commercial transactions.

Businesses will need to devote themselves to this technology as it grows in popularity if they want to remain competitive.

Get Ready for Blockchain Technology

One of the greatest ways to prepare for blockchain technology is to learn about its characteristics and how it may be utilised in your organisation. Participate in online forums that are dedicated to assisting businesses in adopting this cutting-edge technology.

Finally, ensure that you understand how blockchain works so that you can appropriately use it in your next transaction.


The Blockchain does not constitute actual blockchain technology. In compared to other technologies, it has been overvalued and underestimated. To overcome the barriers to blockchain technology, you must first comprehend its benefits and prepare for its possibilities. Use blockchain technology correctly to ensure the success of your firm.



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